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2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

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    As we begin our new school year, 2017-2018, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cathedral Nursery School serving Garden City and surrounding communities with exceptional early childhood education. Chartered by NYS Board of Regents, CNS offers programs beginning with TOTS (A gradual Mommy & Me Separation Program), Early Steps (2 1/2 year), Nursery (3 year) and Pre-K (4 year) classes. Included in our curriculum is a separate music program which culminates with a musical show in the spring.

    Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor play areas allowing the children active play time during all types of weather. Located in the cottages behind St. Paul's school, CNS is fortunate to be neighbors with the Senior Recreation Center. The children love the weekly visits from the seniors as part of our "Let's Share a Story" program and warm friendships are forged between the children and their "special readers."
    A very active PTO sponsors many extra events for the school such as visits from the LI Science Museum and trips to the Pumpkin Farm and BroadHollow Theatre.

    We also offer several enrichment programs: 

    Bookworms is a reading enrichment program designed to take our early emergent reading program for our 4 year olds to the next level, giving children time to experiment with all the elements of language and bringing the story to life through art, dramatic play and crafts.


    Wizards is a math and science experience designed to be age appropriate for our Pre-K children.  Activities will engage the children in a variety of lessons and practices teaching what numbers mean and how they work. Children of this age have a natural curiosity that we will foster through experiments focusing on observations and assessments of the world around us.


Little Thinkers is a program designed to encourage the children to express themselves.  Creative thinking skills are essential for success in learning and in life.  The goal of this program is to spark the children's imaginations and to promote thinking skills by using music, art and role playing.


    All our enrichment programs are designed to help our four year olds understand the basic elements of language, math, and science concepts so that they develop new interests and skills that will help prepare them for kindergarten. 

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