Cathedral Nursery School
110 Rockaway Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
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                                                                                              September 24, 2019


Dear Parents,

After fifty-two years, this is truly the most difficult letter we have had to put together. We deeply regret we have made the decision to close our doors at the end of this school year, due to circumstances beyond our control. In an effort to be completely transparent and be fiscally responsible, we cannot in good conscience move forward with the planned transition to the Cathedral of St. Pauls. While we were hopeful and it appeared promising, after several meetings, we now feel their project will take more than 1 year before they begin to build their new school. Having been denied the additional time here at the cottages, we had hoped to make the best of a temporary space for a short period of time. Now with the uncertainty of a definitive time frame, we are forced to come to this decision. As difficult as this is for us, we recognize the need to give you adequate time to register your child in a new school for the 2020-21 school year.

We would like to thank our parents for your support throughout our many years but especially during this last year as we were trying to save our school. We close our doors proud to say we have had a long tradition of providing quality Early Childhood Education in Garden City and surrounding communities to thousands of children who came through our doors.

Please be assured that this year, your children will have a wonderful, special and memorable time here at Cathedral. You will see the same excellence in education, the joy in your children’s faces as they play on our playground or create the many projects that they proudly bring home to you each day. Know that the children are our priority as always.

Our office door is always open. If you have any questions or want to express your feelings, please stop by. Thank you for trusting us to educate your children…we will miss them, and this magical place called Cathedral Nursery School.


Most sincerely,

Diane Cina,    Monica Schoelle,    Cathy Sammon  

  Director       Asst. Director         Administrator